Hello! Welcome to The PEaK Team 

We cannot wait to share this journey with you!
Our team is about community and togetherness.
Our team has members all over the world and we love to hear everybody's stories . 

The main reason most people join our team is for the rad kit!!! So jump on the online store and get your orders in ASAP! It also helps fellow #PEaKAthletes recognise you while out and about.

Once you have completed your onboarding docs : 
1 - Save and Message the TEAM PEAK whatsapp number +27782249965
2 - Like and follow relevant socials 
3 - Pay for your membership and your kit on the online store

Easy as 123 

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Give us a follow 

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook :-) And we will follow your journey too :-) We also want to share your story , We will share all your stories and posts on our social media , so tag @Peak_team on all your posts and we will re-share those posts (If your account is not private) Also remember to hashtag #PEaKAthlete 

We use Whatsapp as our main medium of internal communications so please save our number PEaK Team +27782249965 and drop us a message to get the links to the relevant Whatsapp groups 

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Join Now 

PEAK TEAM INFO is for admin only , this will only have admins posting plans and important info so please don't mute it. We promise there won't be chat .

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Join Now 

CHAT Group is for banter , tactics and general chit chat. Make sure you Say hi as you join so we know who you are :-) " Hi My Name is ...." - Eminem ;-) 

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Ride On 

If you are zwifting make sure you join our Zwift whatsapp group to keep the E-racing banter and ride plans in one place :-) We also have a Powerhour , every Tuesday , 5am/6am or 5:30pm.We all do the same workout and suffer together. Just put a message on the group if you need the session.

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Join Group 

Join our #PEaKAthlete Closed Facebook Group and talk , interact and share your story with fellow PEaK Members.This is only for PEaK Athletes so feel free to share your stories , where you are located and what races you have coming up. This is where we will post results , boast about each other and create the PEAK Community. 


Safety is our main concern when riding in a group on open roads. Please make sure you read these tips and rules before joining our group rides.